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Touch of Love Outreach is at the forefront of providing compassionate support and practical assistance to communities in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. From our food banks to our minority ethnic youth group, and our commitment to holistic support for minority ethnic families, we strive to create a beacon of hope and support. Among our core missions is tackling isolation within New Scots, ensuring they find a welcoming, supportive community with us. To continue our work, we need the heart and dedication of volunteers like you

Why Volunteer With Us?

  • Impact Lives Directly: Your volunteering directly contributes to the well - being and support of individuals and families in need. Whether it's through food distribution, youth engagement, or helping New Scots integrate and feel less isolated, your actions create waves of positive change
  • Build Community Connections: Volunteering offers a unique opportunity to connect deeply with your community, meet diverse groups of people, and build lasting friendships based on shared values and collective action.
  • Develop and Share Skills: Volunteering with us is a journey of personal and professional growth, allowing you to develop new skills or share your own expertise to benefit others

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Food Bank Support: Help distribute essential supplies at our food banks, available Wednesdays and Thursdays, ensuring those in need have access to nutritious food.
  • Youth Group Facilitation: Engage with minority ethnic youth every Friday, fostering a supportive environment for growth, learning, and fun.
  • Holistic Family Support: Provide varied support to minority ethnic families, from educational assistance to emotional support, making a significant difference in their lives
  • Tackling Isolation for New Scots: Join our dedicated efforts to help New Scots overcome isolation through targeted programs and activities that promote social integration and community bonding.
  • Become a Part of Our Family

    Your willingness to volunteer can transform lives and knit tighter community bonds. Touch of Love Outreach is a place where your kindness will foster hope and where your efforts are valued and needed. Fill out our volunteer form today and take the first step towards making a meaningful difference.

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