Touch of Love Food Bank

Helping Aberdonians in Crisis

At Touch of Love Outreach, our unwavering dedication to fighting hunger goes beyond mere aid; it's a symbol of hope and a pathway towards stability for those facing extreme challenges. Our efforts are anchored in the compassionate operation of two food banks in Aberdeen, serving as vital lifelines to families grappling with severe food insecurity.

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    March 2020 to Date, Touch of Love Foodbank distributed over 20,000 nutrient-rich food parcels

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    From March 2020 to Dec 2023, supported over 25,000 adults going through food insecurity

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    From March 2020 to Dec 2023, we supported over 10,000 children experiencing food insecurity

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Welcoming Newcomers

Our reach extends beyond those already in our community to welcoming New Scots, like Kofi and Yetunde, among our 500 service users who have moved to Aberdeen. In their initial phase of settling in and seeking employment, our food banks provide essential supplies, ensuring a warm and supportive start in their new community. This gesture, fueled by your generosity, stands as a testament to the spirit of welcome and support that defines our community.

Nurturing the Young

Our impact resonates profoundly with the younger generation. Around 3,320 children from the families we aid enjoy balanced, nutritious meals from Touch of Love's food supplies, fostering their health and happiness. The growth and well - being of these children, nurtured through our collective efforts, mark a victory that is rightfully shared with all our partners.

More Than Just Food

With every one of the 20,499 food parcels distributed, we deliver more than just essential nutrition. These acts of compassion embody the spirit of community support, fostering a profound sense of hope. They uplift spirits and contribute significantly to individuals' journeys toward stability and self - reliance. This collective success, underpinned by your support, i s a powerful affirmation of our shared humanity and the impact we can make when we come together.

In every meal provided and every life touched by our Compassionate Action Against Hunger, we see a shared victory. It's a reflection of our collective commitment to not just feeding the hungry but also nurturing the soul of our community. Your support turns our vision into reality, benefiting all and weaving a stronger, more compassionate social fabric.