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Empowering Scotland's
Vulnerable Communities

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"Empowering Scotland's Vulnerable Communities"
Welcome to Touch of Love Outreach

Empowering Scotland's Vulnerable Communities

Welcome to Touch of Love Outreach, a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change in the heart of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Our mission is to alleviate the struggles of the most vulnerable among us, offering a lifeline to those battling against the harsh tides of poverty, illness, disability, and life's toughest challenges. Our reach extends beyond our local community, with impactful programs that resonate across continents.

We've distributed over 20,000 nutrient-rich food parcels, supporting more than 35,000 individuals, including over 10,000 children.

None of these would be possible without our dedicated volunteers, whose commitment has been vital to our success. We are equally grateful to all our funders, whose support has been crucial in advancing our projects.

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What we do

Compassionate Action Against Hunger

Since its inception in March 2020, Touch of Love Outreach has become a powerful ally in the fight against severe food insecurity. With unwavering dedication, our team has distributed more than 350,000 food items across over 20,000 food parcels. These parcels serve as a critical three-day lifeline for those in dire need, reaching over 25,000 adults and 10,000 children who face extreme hardship. Witness our com mitment in action during #Challenge Poverty Week, as showcased by ACVO here, and in our feature on STV News here

Empowering the Youth: TOL Young Achievers Club

At the core of our community service is the Touch of Love Young Achievers’ Club. Serving minority ethnic children and young individuals aged 8 to 25 from most deprived families in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, we strive to dissolve the barriers of isolation and loneliness. Our club is a melting pot of culture, empowerment, and inclusivity, fostering self - determination and collaboration through various engaging activities. Delve into our summer programme's highlights here , our remarkable Aberdeen Mela performance here, and our outings featured by Press & Journal News here and here

Holistic Support for Ethnic Minority Women

At Touch of Love, our Holistic Support for Ethnic Minority Women is dedicated to empowering, uplifting, and integrating ethnic minority and New Scots women into the Scottish community. Through tailored support, we focus on enhancing emotional well - being, education, and social inclusion, fostering new peer connections and ensuring a smooth integration process. Join us to create a nurturing environment where every woman can thrive, build strong networks, and make a positive contribution to society. View our just concluded mothers’ support event here.

Family Hub: Helping Families with Young Children

Welcome to Touch of Love's Family Services, your trusted partner in nurturing and supporting families through every stage of life. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to empower and support families from all walks of life, focusing on crucial early development and caregiving needs. Our Perinatal Service offers vital support to expectant and new mothers, ensuring both maternal and infant health and wellbeing. Our Early Years Service provides specialized care and educational opportunities for young children, fostering growth and learning from the start. Our Children's Services address the unique challenges faced by young ones, providing tailored support that encourages positive development. Lastly, our Young Carers Service recognizes the s acrifices young caregivers make and offers the support they need to balance caregiving with their personal growth and education. Join us at Touch of Love, where we build stronger families for a brighter future.

Touch of Love International: Expanding Horizons

Our vision transcends local boundaries, as Touch of Love International extends its compassionate hand to Nigeria and Malawi. Here, we focus on food security, income generation, poverty alleviation, health emergency response, and education support. Our goal is to empower poor families to defeat poverty and injustice, providing monetary interventions, food supplies, cash assistance, and educational opportunities in underserved communities.

Touch of Love Outreach invites you, our esteemed funders and partners, to join hands with us in this noble quest.

Together, let's build bridges of hope and create ripples of change that transform lives, communities, and nations.
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