Our History

Touch of Love: A Journey of Compassion and Empowerment

Founded in the heart of Aberdeen, Touch of Love emerged from a collective vision to address the growing needs of the city's most vulnerable populations. Since its inception in March 2020, amidst the challenges of a global pandemic, Touch of Love has been a beacon of hope and support for those facing social exclusion, disadvantage, and the harsh realities of the cost-of-living crisis.

Origins and Evolution

The journey began with a simple yet profound mission by Fr Clement Ezeka and Jane Akadiri to alleviate hunger and provide immediate support to families and individuals in dire need. Recognizing the critical situation in Aberdeen's most deprived areas, identified by the SIMD as Torry, Kincorth, Woodside, Mastrick, and Northfield, Touch of Love established its first food bank.

This initiative quickly became the cornerstone of our work, distributing over 20,000 nutrient-rich food parcels to more than 25,000 adults and 11,000 children by December 2023, effectively tackling food insecurity head-on.

Expanding Our Reach

As our understanding of the community's needs deepened, Touch of Love expanded its mission to include the Young Achievers' Club, focusing on empowering minority ethnic youth and New Scots aged 8-18. This program fosters cultural integration, personal development, and active participation in the community, helping young individuals embrace their dual identities and thrive in their new Scottish homeland.

Simultaneously, recognizing the unique challenges faced by minority ethnic mothers, Touch of Love introduced holistic support programs tailored to their specific needs. This initiative has provided over 450 mothers with access to vital resources and services, empowering them to achieve independence and well-being.

Impact and Recognition

Throughout its journey, Touch of Love has garnered recognition and support from local organizations, media, and the broader community. Our efforts have been showcased by Aberdeen’s Third Sector, ACVO, and featured on platforms like STV, highlighting the significant impact of our work in alleviating poverty and fostering a sense of belonging and community solidarity.

Looking to the Future
Today, Touch of Love stands as a testament to the power of compassion, dedication, and community support. Our journey is far from over; we are committed to evolving our programs and initiatives to meet the changing needs of Aberdeen's most vulnerable populations.

As we look to the future, Touch of Love envisions a community where every individual and family has the support they need to overcome adversity and achieve their full potential. Through continued collaboration, innovation, and unwavering support, we aim to expand our reach and deepen our impact, building a legacy of empowerment and resilience for generations to come.

Touch of Love's history is not just a record of our achievements but a reflection of our community's strength, generosity, and shared commitment to making a difference. Together, we continue to write this story, one of hope, transformation, and unwavering love.