Our Purpose

We are devoted to empowering and uplifting the most vulnerable within Aberdeen, particularly focusing providing comprehensive support to the most deprived families, minority ethnic children, young persons and mothers. Our holistic approach encompasses food bank services, the Young Achievers' Club, and holistic support programs, all designed to counteract social exclusion, disadvantage, and the impacts of the cost-of-living crisis, fostering resilience, independence, and well-being.

Central to our mission, we have supported over 25,000 adults and 11,000 children through our food bank services from March 2020 to Dec 2023, in areas like Torry, Kincorth, Woodside, Mastrick, and Northfield, identified as significantly impacted by poverty. We strive to ensure that immediate needs for food security are met, promoting community solidarity.

Expanding the Young Achievers' Club to include youths aged 8-18, we aim to support minority ethnic youth and New Scots in their journey towards integration and embracing their dual identity. This initiative facilitates a deeper connection with their Scottish environment while honouring their cultural origins, enabling them to navigate their dual identities with confidence and pride. Our environment encourages personal growth, cultural appreciation, and community engagement, crafting a supportive space for young individuals to flourish.

Furthermore, our comprehensive support for over 450 minority ethnic mothers addresses critical aspects of health, education, financial stability, and empowerment, ensuring these mothers can navigate life's challenges successfully.

Ultimately, Touch of Love's grand purpose is to significantly enhance the quality of life for Aberdeen's most vulnerable, by providing compassionate support and creating opportunities for meaningful growth and integration. Our efforts aim to build a more inclusive, resilient, and empowered community, where individuals and families can thrive despite adversities, proudly navigating their dual identities and contributing positively to the rich cultural mosaic of Scotland.